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Financing information

We provide the financing, our ambition for 2025 is to connect more than 250 sheep farmers in the largest farmers' citizen movement in the Netherlands. A sector transition, energy transition and social transition requires a well thought-out approach.

Strong financing, and a coordinated approach and rollout.  

EnergyFarming leases the land from you. With this you have healthy business operations in addition to your own sheep farming. We do the financing of your EnergyFarm as well as the establishment of the Cooperative Energy Farm. You help us in the conversations with your environment. We ask this investment from you!

We then make everyone as enthusiastic as we already are. Energy belongs to all of us. We are happy to share this accessible, affordable for everyone. EnergyFarming is like a warm coat in winter. It gives you and your environment protection against the next energy crisis. And it gives you and your family a stable basic income. And it helps your municipality to keep the money flows in the region. And not to have an energy leak to large companies outside the region, or even outside the Netherlands.

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