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Our team

What makes us unique

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Klaas Van Veen

Klaas is an expert in the sheep farming sector. Our company manages the entire chain in-house and can therefore optimally guarantee the origin and quality of the lamb. EnergyFarming is the next logical step in the sector.

Adrian Harthoorn

Making energy accessible to everyone. I am realizing this ambition through various platforms. In collaboration with others. I believe that through collaboration and facilitating sharing, abundance is unlocked.

The energy transition was the impetus but led to a transition in thinking. I replaced scarcity with abundance and profit maximization with sharing. This created a new concept for EnergyFarming that offers more opportunities and better results. 

Stefan Lodeweyckx

Stefan is a real high-tech energy entrepreneur. With more than ten years of experience in setting up smart grid energy management companies, he is a driving force behind EnergyFarming.

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