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Sheep farming is a traditional agricultural practice in which sheep are raised for meat, wool and other products. This is your world, this is Klaas's world!


Solar energy is a renewable energy source that uses the power of the sun to generate electricity locally and to use it smartly, this is the world of Adriaan and Stefan!

It is possible to combine solar energy with your sheep farm. Klaas, Adriaan and Stefan join forces with EnergyFarming! This allows them to help you by installing solar panels on your land. With this you generate energy, for yourself and your environment, while you can still use the land for sheep farming. This way your company becomes a dual company. You get a lease for your land, generate your own energy, and EnergyFarming turns your company into a Cooperative Energy Farm!

With EnergyFarming we help you to be less  dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Your company may become completely CO2 and Nitrogen neutral. And yet you just keep doing what you've always done, producing food and other agricultural products. But completely different EnergyFarming is really great fun!


25 sheep farmers have started. You also register as an EnergyFarmer. Our goal 250cooperative EnergyFarm's in the Netherlands

Harvest affordable energy for your village with us

"If the municipality agrees, I will make all cores in the Bommelerwaard EnergyPositive together with EnergyFarming"

Klaas Van Veen

"Energy poverty does not fit in a close-knit community such as Gameren, Zuilichem, Aalst or other centers in the Bommelerwaard. With EnergyFarming I can make a difference here"

Adrian Harthoorn

"The network in the Netherlands is overflowing. Overall there is traffic jams on the network. Local generation and smart distribution. Not only does space on the network arise, but energy also becomes affordable for everyone again. That is EnergyFarming"

Stefan Lodeweyckx

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